Sudbury Electronics has been buying and selling used and refurbished IT equipment for 40 years but the benefits of buying used and refurbished equipment is still missed by the masses so what exactly are the benefits?


When you purchase used or refurbished IT equipment it’s usually at a huge discount from the original manufacturer’s suggested retail price with 40-80% discounts a common occurrence.   That may sound too good to be true but it happens because as a purchaser of used or refurbished equipment the expense of marketing and research to develop a new product is not passed on to you.  All those costs are factored in when a product is sold new to organisations who require the latest and greatest technology as soon as it becomes available.  The reality however for most business is that they would never use the capacity offered by the very latest hardware so it’s pointless paying the premium.  The smart money will therefore always be to benefit from technological advancements in hardware once the price has dropped dramatically and reliability has been proven in the real world.      


The refurbished and used hardware we sell is taken from working environments.  That means the hardware was operating in live environment and has already been relied on to perform and proved to be reliable.  Depending on the product it will go through one or more processes to test its condition and ensure that its new owner will receive a product that is ready to be relied upon once again.  Processes include soak testing, servicing and cleaning.  All our refurbished products are also backed by our own warranty and an in-house team of experienced engineers.


It is now common practice for larger technologically lead organisations to refresh their hardware before it’s reached the end of its useful life cycle.  Whilst in a lot of cases a lot of the component parts can be broken down for recycling it is still better from an environmental perspective to use hardware in its complete form for its full life capacity.  By buying used and refurbished hardware businesses can make a significant positive impact to the carbon footprint created through the use of IT equipment.